Johann Ludwig Faber (17th Century) Glassmaker

Johann Ludwig Faber
Beaker with View of Kraftshof near Nuremberg. Clear glass, black enamel painting. Summary: In the mid-17th century Johann Schaper of Nuremberg transferred the black vitreous painting technique known from stained-glass painting to hollow glassware and ceramic materials. He and a number of successors decorated glasses and faiences in this manner, often with coats-of-arms, vistas and townscapes, and mythological scenes. Today they are known as 'Hausmaler', because in contrast to their colleagues who were employed in manufactories they worked at home and on their own account.
Johann Ludwig Faber

Johann Ludwig Faber
17th Century German glass maker.


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  • Glas mit Ansicht von Kraftshof bei Nürnberg (Kugelfußbecher)
  • Goblet and cover, Johann Ludwig Faber, 1690. Museum no. 1835-1855
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