Agouti ( Dasyprocta )

Agouti [əguti]

A rodent native to South American, Central American and West Indies' forests of the genus Dasyprocta. It is about 15 inches in length with four hoofed toes on the front feet and three on the hind. It has practically no tail. The hair is soft brown in color. It diet consists of roots, stems, leaves and blossoms of green plants.

It can run swiftly and usually able to escape predators either by flight or hiding in its burrow. The agouti typically delivers two litters per year with two or more young per litter.

Agouti, dasyprocta
Taxonomic Hierarchy
Kingdom Animalia – Animal, animals
Phylum Chordata – chordates
Subphylum Vertebrata – vertebrates
Class Mammalia Linnaeus, 1758 – mammals
Subclass Theria Parker and Haswell, 1897
Infraclass Eutheria Gill, 1872
Order Rodentia Bowdich, 1821 – rodents
Suborder Hystricognatha Woods, 1976
Infraorder Hystricognathi Brandt, 1855 – hystricognath rodents
Family Dasyproctidae Bonaparte, 1838
Genus Dasyprocta Illiger, 1811
Direct Children:
Species Dasyprocta azarae Lichtenstein, 1823 – Azara's Agouti
Species Dasyprocta coibae Thomas, 1902 – Coiban Agouti
Species Dasyprocta cristata (É. Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, 1803) – Crested Agouti
Species Dasyprocta fuliginosa Wagler, 1832 – Black Agouti
Species Dasyprocta guamara Ojasti, 1972 – Orinoco Agouti
Species Dasyprocta kalinowskii Thomas, 1897 – Kalinowski's Agouti
Species Dasyprocta leporina (Linnaeus, 1758) – Red-rumped Agouti
Species Dasyprocta mexicana Saussure, 1860 – Mexican Agouti
Species Dasyprocta prymnolopha Wagler, 1831 – Black-rumped Agouti
Species Dasyprocta punctata Gray, 1842 – Central American Agouti
Species Dasyprocta ruatanica Thomas, 1901 – Roatán Island Agouti

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