Io fluvialis ( spiny riversnail )

Io fluvialis
Source: Pennak's Freshwater Invertebrates of the United States, pg. 19, cites source as from Tryon, 1875, Smithson. Misc. Coll. 253:1-435
Taxonomic Hierarchy
Kingdom Animalia – Animal, animals
Phylum Mollusca – molluscs, mollusks
Class Gastropoda Cuvier, 1797 – gastropods, slugs, snails
Order Neotaenioglossa
Family Pleuroceridae
Genus Io I. Lea, 1831
Species Io fluvialis (Say, 1825) – spiny riversnail

References and Further Reading

  • Io fluvialis (Say, 1825), Taxonomic Serial No.: 71537
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