Pronunciation key

( ekspẽrt )
( ik-spũrt )



[ME.; OFr.; L. expertus pp. of experiri to try, see EXPERIENCE].

  1. Skillful; having extensive training and knowledge in a special field.
  2. Of or from an expert, such as "An expert opinion."


  1. A person who demonstrates a high degree of training, skill, knowledge and dexterity due to training and experience in a special field.
    • Military. The highest grade possible which can be achieved in marksmanship.
      • Rifleman; the highest of three ratings of proficiency. See sharpshooter, marksman.
      • A soldier who has achieved this rating.

—ex′pert′ly adv. —ex′pert′ness n.


  • Webster's New World Dictionary of the American Language (College Edition) ©1955
  • The American Heritage Dictionary, Second College Edition ©1985
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