Pronunciation key

( ik-spōzhẽr )



[< expose, after enclosure etc].

  1. In various senses, the act or instance of exposing or condition of being exposed, especially to natural elements.
  2. A position on a compass and climatic or weather conditions. For instance, a location of something in relation to natural elements like the sun and wind in relation to a house's location, such being western exposure.
  3. Abandonment without benefit of shelter or food.
  4. Photography.
    • Subjecting sensitized photographic film or plate to the action of actinic rays.
    • Sensitized surface or segment of a film or plate utilized to make one picture.
    • The amount of time and radiant energy needed to expose such a surface of the film or plate.


  • Webster's New World Dictionary of the American Language (College Edition) ©1955
  • The American Heritage Dictionary, Second College Edition ©1985
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