Animalia ( Kingdom )


"Eucaryotic multicellular organisms. Their principal mode of nutrition is by ingestion. Many animals are motile, and they generally lack the rigid cell walls characterized by plants. Considerable cellular migration and reorganization of tissues often occuring during the course of embryology. Their reproduction is primarily sexual, with male and female diploid organisms producing haploid gametes which fuse to form the zygote. Organisms included in this phylum have clearly evolved on at least three separate occasions. There are more than a million described species of animals, but the actual number may be closer to 10 million. Thus they may outnumber all other groups of organisms by a factor of perhaps 10 to 1."
Biology of Plants, Fourth Edition, Worth Publishers Inc., Stanford University, Peter H. Raven and Helena Curtis, ©1971
Taxonomic Hierarchy
Kingdom Animalia – Animal, animals
Direct Children:
Phylum Acanthocephala – spiny-headed worms
Phylum Annelida – annelids
Phylum Arthropoda – arthropods
Phylum Brachiopoda – brachiopodes
Phylum Chaetognatha – arrow worms
Phylum Chordata – cord├ęs, cordado, chordates
Phylum Cnidaria Hatschek, 1888 - coral
Phylum Ctenophora Eschscholtz, 1829 – comb jellies, sea walnuts
Phylum Cycliophora Funch and Kristensen, 1995 – cycliophorans
Phylum Echinodermata Klein, 1734 – echinoderms
Phylum Echiura Newby, 1940 – burrow worms, echiuran worms
Phylum Ectoprocta – bryozoa, moss animals
Phylum Entoprocta Nitsche, 1870 – entoprocto
Phylum Gastrotricha Metschnikoff, 1865 – gastrotriches
Phylum Gnathostomulida Sterrer, 1972 – gnathostomulids
Phylum Hemichordata – hemichordates
Phylum Kinorhyncha Reinhard, 1881 – kinorhynchs
Phylum Loricifera Kristensen, 1983 – loriciferans
Phylum Micrognathozoa
Phylum Mollusca – mollusks
Phylum Myxozoa – ciliated protozoans
Phylum Nemata – nematodes, roundworms, threadworms
Phylum Nematomorpha Vejdovsky, 1886 – gordian worms, horsehair worms, hair worms
Phylum Nemertea – proboscis worms, ribbon worms
Phylum Onychophora – velvet worms
Phylum Orthonectida Giard, 1877 – orthonectids
Phylum Phoronida – horseshoe worms
Phylum Placozoa Grell, 1971
Phylum Platyhelminthes – flatworms
Phylum Porifera Grant, 1836 – sponges, porifero
Phylum Priapula – priapulans
Phylum Rhombozoa van Beneden, 1876 – rhombozoans
Phylum Rotifera Cuvier, 1817 – rotifers, wheel animalcules
Phylum Sipuncula – peanut worms, shore worms, sipunculan worms, shore worms
Phylum Tardigrada – tardigrades, water bears

References and Further Reading

  • Biology of Plants, Fourth Edition, Worth Publishers Inc., Stanford University, Peter H. Raven and Helena Curtis, ©1971
  • Animalia, Taxonomic Serial No.: 202423
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