earthstar ( Basidiomycetes )

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( ũrthstär′ )



Fungus species. Its external covering splits into a form that bears resemblance to a star.

The traditional name for this class of fungi were the Gasteromycetes, Taxonomic Serial No.: 14095 which notes, "The Dictionary of Fungi (1995) says, of Gasteromycetes, "The polyphyletic nature of the group makes it inappropriate to maintain in a natural classification...". It has been declared invalid and the accepted scientific name is Basidiomycetes.

According to A Golden Guide: Non-Flowering Plants ©1967, (paraphrased)

Earthstars split open during maturity. They have a thick outer layer which divides into pointed segments which resembles a star. This reveals a ball-shaped structure with a thin, papery-textured coat. Spores discharge from mouth-openings on the top. Mycelium threads often enmesh debris about outer segments.

Taxonomic Hierarchy
Kingdom Fungi – fungi
Division Basidiomycota – basidiomycetes, club fungi
Class Basidiomycetes
Direct Children:
Order Agaricales
Order Auriculariales
Order Boletales
Order Cantharellales
Order Lycoperdales
Order Melanogastrales
Order Sclerodermatales
Order Tremellales


Triplex Earthstar
triplex earthstar, Geastrum (or Geaster) triplex


Taxonomic Hierarchy
Crowned Earthstar Crowned Earthstar, Geastrum coronatum or Geaster coronatum

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