Devilfish ( Manta birostris )

Pronunciation key

( devʼl-fish′ )

dev•il•fish [pl. DEVILFISH, DEVILFISHES (-iz); see FISH]


  1. The largest among the rays. Known as the Atlantic manta, or giant devil ray (Manta birostris). It's common name is due to the horn-like appearance when the pectoral fins are rolled up.
  2. A large cephalopod, especially the octopus.
Taxonomic Hierarchy
approximate 20 ft. width
Kingdom Animalia – Animal, animals
Phylum Chordata – chordates
Subphylum Vertebrata – vertebrates
Class Chondrichthyes – cartilaginous fishes, rays, sharks
Subclass Elasmobranchii – cartilaginous fishes, rays, sharks, skates, torpedoes
Superorder Euselachii
Order Myliobatiformes – stingrays
Family Mobulidae Gill, 1893 – mantas, mantes, devil rays, mantas
Genus Manta Bancroft, 1829 – mantas
Species Manta birostris (Walbaum, 1792) – manta gigante, giant manta, Atlantic manta, manta, Pacific manta

References and Further Reading

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