Émile Fabre (1869-1955)

Émile Fabre
Émile Fabre, 1914
H. Roger-Viollet
Below: An Adaptation of one of Émile Fabre's works
Émile Fabre
1944, France, Drame
Réalisé par Fernand Rivers
Adaptation d'Emile Fabre

Émile Fabre (1869-1955)

Born in Metz, France March 24, 1869 and died in Paris, September 25, 1955.
He was the son of a stage manager, and began composing and producing plays at the age of 13. In later life he worked as a playwright and was the administrator of the Comédie Française (1915-1936) who developed that institution into a vehicle for classical and contemporary repertory.

Some of his childhood works were Comme ils sont tous (1894) "As They All Are") which was his first successful production, followed by a series of popular political and social satires. Some of those are L' Argent (1895) "Silver"), La Vie publique (1905) Les Ventres dorés (1905) "The Golden Bowels"), and Les Sautrelles (1911) "The Grasshoppers" which waged assault on colonial administration.

Other plays contained themes which focused on family tragedy and adaptation of novels by Honoré de Balzac.


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