Fabriano, Italy

Jean Henri Fabre
Old palace in the town of Fabriano, Italy

Fabriano, Italy. A town and episcopal see in the province of Ancona, Italy, situated in the Marche region (The Marches), at the foot of the Apennines, 44 miles by rail southwest of the city of Ancona. A Romanesque-Gothic mayoral palace (1255) is one of the notable buildings. The municipal art gallery, several private houses, and a number of churches are attractions to the location.

The town was the home of a minor school of painting in the late 14th century founded by Allegreto Nuzi and Gentile da Fabriano. Some of their paintings remain in the town, dating to the 13th century. Frescoes by the former decorate the local cathedral.

The town suffered damage during World War II. Fabriano has been famous for the manufacture of paper since 1276, and the public archives contain ancient documents inscribed on paper manufactured there in 1293. Present-day industries include the manufacture of cement and pottery.


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