John Faber, the Younger

John ''the Younger'' Faber

"Bust of Seneca"
John Faber the Younger, (England circa 1695–1756)
after Sir Peter Paul Rubens, (Flanders 1577–1640)

John, the Younger, Faber. (about 1695-1756)
Two English artists, father and son.

John Faber, the younger born about 1695 was a famed mezzotint engraver as was his father (John "The Elder" Faber). He studied with his father and at Vanderbank's Academy in London. His work consists mainly of portraits incluing those of Ignatius Loyola (after Titian) and Charles II (after the Dutch painter Sir Peter Lely), the series "Beauties of the Kit-cat Club" (after the German painter Sir Godfrey Kneller), and "St. Peter" (after Sir Anthony Vandyke).


  • Funk and Wagnall's Encyclopedia, ©1950
  • John the Younger
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