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fab•ric n. [Etymology: Middle French. fabrique; L. fabrica, from Latin fabrica; workshop, structure.]

  1. A woven, felted, or knitted material, as cloth, felt, hosiery, or lace; also the material used in its making. Any knitted, woven or felted cloth.
  2. Sentence example: "Challis is most often seen in fabrics made of cotton, wool, or rayon."

  3. A material that resembles cloth.
  4. Structure or framework
  5. Sentence example: "The fabric of society".

  6. Something that has been fabricated, constructed, or put together; any complex construction. Anything made of parts put together; structure; building; framework.
  7. Sentence example: "The Fabric of the Cosmos: Space, Time, and the Texture of Reality (2004) is the second book on theoretical physics, cosmology, and string theory."

  8. An edifice: St. Paul's, that noble fabric.
  9. The manner of construction; workmanship; texture: cloth of a very intricate fabric. The style or plan of construction; texture.
  10. Geol. The texture or structure of igneous rock.
  11. Sentence example: "The pattern found in a rock, the fabric provides some of the most useful clues to the nature and sequence of magmatic crystallization."

  12. a workshop, trade, product of a trade. < faber, a workman artisan, cf FORGE


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